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#TBT - Getting Over The Stigma: Hamm's Beer

I've had various food blogs over the years, and some of what I wrote on previous blogs was a) hilarious or b) good information. To avoid losing all that to the abyss of the internet, I'm sharing some #tbt posts on Fare by Clare. This was originally posted on October 5, 2014, but I stand by what I wrote.

Many things in our society are stigmatized: marrying your cousin, wearing socks with sandals, doing crystal meth...and, in some circles, drinking Hamm's beer.

I recently threw a party, and although my parties are BYOB I usually try to provide some sort of inexpensive drink for idiots who can't read a Facebook event page thoroughly. Hamm's was the clear choice: at 50 cents a can, you really can't go wrong. However, it turns out that some people are too good for humble Hamm's.

As my party guests berated me for only providing Hamm's, I began to wonder: why do people hate Hamm's so much? Is it really that much worse than Bud Light, Michelob Golden, or - dare I say it - Pabst Blue Ribbon?

In my opinion, Hamm's is the clear choice when you're looking for a cheap, mildly palatable beer. It can be characterized by its watery flavor and extremely faint - if not completely nonexistent - hoppiness. Sometimes I think I taste notes of citrus among this lightly carbonated libation, but that might just be my imagination getting the best of me. The unassertive flavors make this a very drinkable beer; in some instances, you may even believe you're drinking water! In fact, the high water content and low alcohol content of Hamm's most likely means that this is the one alcoholic drink that doesn't dehydrate its drinker. Try a cool, refreshing Hamm's before your next workout and test this theory!

Hamm's is not only great for its flavor (or lack thereof). As far as I know, this beer only comes in a can - and while some may think that canned beer is less classy than bottled beer, the regal lion crest and elegant script of Hamm's cans evoke an aura of refinement I have yet to find on another can of beer. When you drink Hamm's, not only are you partaking in an elegant flavor experience, but you also get to enjoy the pinnacle of graphic design prowess as you gaze at your can. The vintage feel of the can leads me to believe that Hamm's has not re-branded or updated its logos since the first cans emerged from the land of sky blue waters back in 1865.

Judge me if you will, but I urge all self-respecting broke beer drinkers to re-evaluate their negative feelings towards Hamm's. Let's get over the stigma, folks, and drink up.

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