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Fare by Clare is all about cooking, baking, and eating. My promise to you is that I'll never force you to scroll through pages and pages of irrelevant life stories in order to find a recipe. 


Fare by Clare strives to recognize, respect, and celebrate the cultural heritage of the foods and recipes featured and to give credit to those who have inspired and taught me. If I do make you read something before a recipe, it's likely about the origins or background of a specific food, so read it. 

I'm a firm believer in becoming a good cook by learning cooking techniques and processes more than by always following recipes; thus my recipes don't often have specific measurements or times. Sometimes I'll link to a real recipe for people who like more structure. This is also not a food blog where everything always looks perfect - you'll see and read about cooking fails because sometimes culinary disasters happen and we learn from them. And I don't know how to edit photos very well. 

Fare by Clare values intersectional feminism, fighting white supremacy, and trying to avoid being stupidly capitalist.

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