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Anatomy of a Perfect Breakfast Sandwich

Breakfast sandwiches are a pretty perfect food, but some breakfast sandwiches are better than others. Here is my official guide to the perfect breakfast sandwich.

The Bread

English muffin or bust. (A croissant is too messy for a handheld sandwich and a bagel sandwich is its own thing.) Spread Kewpie mayo on both sides and toast slowly in a pan over low heat until it's perfectly golden brown.

Fun Fact: One time I was watching the Great British Bake Off and the contestants were charged with making "muffins" for their technical challenge. They made a yeasted dough and got out griddles. I thought to myself, "What weird kind of muffins are these?" Then, of course, I realized they were making English muffins. But because they are English themselves, they simply call them "muffins."

The Egg

Scrambled and seasoned with salt and pepper. Before the egg is fully set, shape it into a "patty" the size of your english muffin. Alternatively, you can cook it sort of like an omelette and fold it over to fit onto the muffin.

The Cheese

Before your egg is set, put cheese on top of it and cover the pan to let it melt. You want a cheese that melts smoothly and quickly but will stay intact and not ooze out everywhere. Cheeses that are less aged tend to work better as their texture is usually softer rather than crumbly. Suggestions include: cheddar, smoked gouda, pepper jack, and gruyere. My favorite lately is this Habanero Cheddar that I get from Imperfect Foods.

Optional: The Meat

Bacon will always be my favorite. It should be mostly crispy with just a hint of chewiness. Cook it low and slow. In a pinch, I heat up frozen sausages and slice them lengthways (the way Shake Shack does hot dogs) - they fit quite nicely on the English muffin.

The Accoutrement

A breakfast sandwich with all the above will serve you quite well, but to really take your breakfast sandwich to the next level you need accoutrement. Options include:

  • Sautéed jalapeños (you can mix them into the egg or put them on top)

  • Grilled onions, caramelized onions, green onions

  • Greens like cilantro or spinach

  • Tomato slices

  • Avocado

  • Jalapeño poppers (seriously)

  • Cream cheese

The Sauce

Marie Sharp's habanero hot sauce. And sometimes a little more Kewpie mayo.

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