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A safer and more equitable community

Here in Minneapolis we are in the midst of a terrifying military and police occupation of our city in preparation for the announcement of a verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd. Simultaneously, we've had a week of violent police and national guard response to peaceful demonstrators grieving and seeking justice after police murdered another Black man, Daunte Wright.

The recipe I'll share today isn't a food recipe, but rather some resources that provide background on police abolition and alternative forms of public safety - in a sense, a "recipe" for a safer and more equitable community.

Image by Shirien Damra @shirien.creates

If you have apprehension or questions about a police-free future, I hope you'll explore these resources with an open mind. A few years ago, I don't think I would have imagined advocating for abolition of the police - I thought police reforms, like community-based policing and "better" training, could adequately address the white supremacy ingrained in our police force. Every day it becomes clearer that these reforms are not enough, and never will be enough. We need to completely re-imagine public safety in a way that prioritizes restorative and transformative justice.


"Enough is Enough" Report and Toolkit from MPD150

One Million Experiments compilation of alternatives to public safety

Please also consider supporting our community through mutual aid:

Twin Cities Mutual Aid map

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